My Interview with Art Model, Dekilah

A few days ago, a “ModelMayhem Edu” post came across my Facebook news feed that I read and found to be very interesting! The article was titled “8 Considerations for Potential Nude Models” and it was written by Art Model, Dekilah.  As the title suggests, it listed 8 important things that models should think about or consider before deciding to become a nude model. [Read more…]

What is a “Real Model”?

As some of you already know, or have deduced, model photography is my “passion” (I kind of hate that word, photographers use it way too often in my opinion…)   I get excited about shooting all forms of model photography, but my favorites are pinup, glamour, lingerie, and themed projects that I dream up, or some hybrid combinations.  Recently I even had the opportunity to shoot a couple of nude sessions.  One, a project that I dreamed up of a darkly illuminated, wispy smoke filled room, with a pedestal and a basket of apples, and a nude model with nothing on but a sheer white cloth loosely worn or held at the waist – sort of a live version of a Greek or Roman statue…   It turned out really well and it was a lot of fun to shoot!
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Model Preparation Before the Session

The information below is an excerpt from my more detailed post: “Information Packet for New Models”

Something that most new models don’t realize is that the camera will pick up every little detail – the good as well as the bad – especially on close up portraits, so it’s very helpful and appreciated if a model will do what she can to maximize the good, and lessen the not so good. [Read more…]

OK, So I Have My Modeling Portfolio, Now What?

This question comes up a lot, and instead of reinventing the wheel here – the best advice I have is to look over these articles that are posted over on

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Models: Never Leave Home Without “Photoshoot Insurance!”
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Expressions, Hands, and Posing

When you watch a model that has some modeling experience under her belt, you’ll notice that they are constantly on the move. After they have been informed about the general theme for the session – they just go – holding only briefly between poses for the shot (2 to 3 seconds), and then moving on for the next pose. They need very little direction.  This is good, and more productive for everyone concerned. The idea is not to rush the session through – but to keep everyone focused and on subject. [Read more…]