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What is a “Real Model”?

As some of you already know, or have deduced, model photography is my “passion” (I kind of hate that word, photographers use it way too often in my opinion…)   I get excited about shooting all forms of model photography, but my favorites are pinup, glamour, lingerie, and themed projects that I dream up, or some hybrid combinations.  Recently I even had the opportunity to shoot a couple of nude sessions.  One, a project that I dreamed up of a darkly illuminated, wispy smoke filled room, with a pedestal and a basket of apples, and a nude model with nothing on but a sheer white cloth loosely worn or held at the waist – sort of a live version of a Greek or Roman statue…   It turned out really well and it was a lot of fun to shoot!
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Model Preparation Before the Session

The information below is an excerpt from my more detailed post: “Information Packet for New Models”

Something that most new models don’t realize is that the camera will pick up every little detail – the good as well as the bad – especially on close up portraits, so it’s very helpful and appreciated if a model will do what she can to maximize the good, and lessen the not so good. [Read more…]

A Look Back In Time (Part Two)

Continuing along with my last post “A Look Back In Time” (Click here to read it) – I’ve been going through old negatives that belonged to my Great Aunt.  I’m not sure when these photos were taken, I would purely guess that it’s sometime around the mid 20’s judging from the autos, motorcycle, and farm machinery, but who knows. The people are long gone, so there’s no one to ask….   Anyway, below are a few more negatives that I have scanned in…
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A Look Back In Time…

For the past few days, my Mom has been going through some of her late Aunt’s belongings who had passed away many years ago.  She found old diaries, notebooks, photo albums, etc… She came across some old negatives that she didn’t think were of any value, so she tossed them in a grocery sack to be discarded.  For some reason I thought maybe I should take a look, and discovered 4 envelopes of negatives. [Read more…]


For the most part, I think people are actually pretty good at recognizing the truth when they see it. Whether it’s words that are spoken, or words that are not. Subtle hints that are dropped, or actions and reactions… I think most of us can see through the smoke and can recognize the truth as things happen to us…. Unfortunately however, I also think that for the most part, people have a horrendous time accepting the truth – especially if it’s something they don’t want to believe.