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The Last Human…

I was just sitting here, thinking, about people and life in general. And the thought crossed my mind that someday there will come a day, when the last person will take his or her final breath. That day in the future is an absolute certainty – the only question is: When will it be, and under what circumstances will it happen.
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Expressions, Hands, and Posing

When you watch a model that has some modeling experience under her belt, you’ll notice that they are constantly on the move. After they have been informed about the general theme for the session – they just go – holding only briefly between poses for the shot (2 to 3 seconds), and then moving on for the next pose. They need very little direction.  This is good, and more productive for everyone concerned. The idea is not to rush the session through – but to keep everyone focused and on subject. [Read more…]

Information Packet for New Models

Most new models trying their hand in the modeling scene, often don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for a modeling session. I usually then fumble around looking up various information on the internet for them to read up on, to help clarify things. But it always feels a bit cumbersome at first, so I decided to put together my own info packet right here – sort of a one stop shop for how I, as a professional photographer, work with models when helping them build their portfolios. [Read more…]