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Moment in the Sun

So I took a little drive today… Stopped by the lake, watched some people trying to catch some fish for a while, took a few pictures…  Then on the way home I took a route that brought me by some homes of friends that I once knew very well… First, by my ex-in-laws place… It’s vacant now, but it still looks the same… Beautiful front porch and small front yard along the main street of a Norman Rockwellesque small town…

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Incredible Story

I love history, especially the obscure or out of the way stories that are all but forgotten – but when told result in something that most of us know of.  What follows is the abridged version of one such story… [Read more…]

Why I Hate Love…

Actually, it’s not love, it’s the falling in love part that’s a royal pain-in-the-ass (and heart).   At this stage, everything is just f..king painful… [Read more…]