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A New Chapter!

Well today marks my first full day of a brand new chapter of my life! You see, I am no longer employed in the traditional sense. I will be accepting a consulting position with the same company, but no more 40+ hour work weeks! [Read more…]

Success in Photography

Fear… Doubts… Procrastination… Not working hard enough… Not taking risks… All these things, and more, sabotage our efforts to succeed…

This video is inspiring to me…  I keep reminding myself to work at it harder!!! [Read more…]

Why I like Google Plus over Facebook…

I’ve been on both networks for awhile now, and I’ve noticed and taken advantage of a couple key differences between the two.  As everyone who is on Google Plus is aware of by now, very few of our Facebook friends are on Google Plus, so most of the people we’re connecting with there will be people we don’t know.  This sounds a little scary at first, but in reality it’s refreshing and enlightening to connect with others that you normally wouldn’t be able to. [Read more…]


I’m looking forward to the new series on Syfy channel called Helix.  The first episode airs this Friday (Jan 10th) at 10PM.  Double episode, limited commercial interruptions!!!  I can’t wait! [Read more…]