Information Packet for New Models

Most new models trying their hand in the modeling scene, often don’t know what to expect or how to prepare for a modeling session. I usually then fumble around looking up various information on the internet for them to read up on, to help clarify things. But it always feels a bit cumbersome at first, so I decided to put together my own info packet right here – sort of a one stop shop for how I, as a professional photographer, work with models when helping them build their portfolios. [Continue reading]

Twitter Experience…

I've been using Twitter for a few months now and my thoughts about the experience are as follows. . . For the most part you can compare it to being in a massive room full of millions and millions of people, all … [Continue reading]


I remember back when I was MUCH MUCH younger, laying in bed, Staring at the window, and listening to the radio - feeling devastated and heartbroken over a lost love, that strangely I can't even remember who it was now - so many years later.. When … [Continue reading]

The Show

She was tall and slender, one might say almost gangly – but not in an ugly or unusual way. Her hair was short and unkempt, and of a color of dark reddish brown. Her clothes, usually just a man’s large white button down shirt, she wore almost in … [Continue reading]

If I had a million dollars…

If I had a million dollars, what would I do? Well the first thing I would do is give up photography as a business and go back to photography as a hobby. The simple truth of the matter is - there’s no money in it. Someone once said, “If you seriously … [Continue reading]

If no one is around to witness something happen, did it happen?

Like most people I think, when I turn in for the night, no matter how tired I am, I never fall immediately to sleep.  Instead, my mind wanders around to various thoughts and things – often times about things going on in my life, sometimes silly … [Continue reading]

Popcorn, anyone?

I've been struggling trying to find something interesting to write about, and thought, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with photography or art, why not do a piece about harvesting this years corn crop? It's a change of pace at least. … [Continue reading]

For the love of the game…

I’ve been a professional photographer for the past 14 years, and during that period of time I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a multitude of various genres including weddings, senior portraits, hundreds of nature type photos like sunsets, … [Continue reading]